Wednesday, 6 August 2014

#BookadayUK Day 6 - Best for a Bedtime story

Nobody is stupid enough to impregnate me and I haven't had to read aloud to a sprog since I was legally old enough to be paid for doing things other than eating all their parents' biscuits. I also can't remember ever having been read a bedtime story, although I'm sure I must have been.

I'm going to pick a book I had when I was little: Possum Magic by Mem Fox. It's an Australian book (that's where we lived at the time) about a possum called Hush whose grandmother makes her invisible to keep her safe from all the dangerous things which live in the Bush. One day, Hush asks Grandma Poss to make her visible again, but unfortunately Grandma Poss can't quite remember how to do that - she only remembers it's something to do with human food, so Hush and Grandma Poss set off around Australia to try all the different foods there are.

The watercolour illustrations are gorgeous, the story charming, and I'd happily give it to any small child - although be prepared to explain what Vegemite and lamingtons are. Mmmmm ... lamingtons.

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