Who is this person and why are they here?

Oh, hai! I'm Dor, but you may also know me as Theo. I'm Welsh but I live in Ireland, apart from the moments I'm living in the UK. I read books and write down what I think of them.

Most of my books come from the Library or have been purchased with monies. Where I've received an ARC, the review will clearly state this along with the source. Some reviews will be cross posted to Amazon UK, Goodreads and the Booklikes version of this blog.

Should you wish to get in touch, missives sent to dorinthewall at gmail dot com should find me. Review enquires are welcome from publicists and authors alike, although it is a good idea to check Dora's ARCs to see what kind of pile I'm already committed to.

If you are the author: tell me about your book, why you think I'd like it, and where I can go to read a sample of it (it's also fine to paste a sample into the body of your email - if pasting from Word, make sure you paste to Notepad first to remove the formatting). Any pitches left in comments will be deleted - please send them to the above address.

Questions? Comments? Stick 'em below or to the above address.

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